Back in the ‘Cliff


Blogging from various wifi locations in my hometown neighborhood of Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas this week. Today’s perch – the lobby lounge of the Belmont.  Good to be home, but as always being home brings forth a rush of overwhelming, conflicting emotions.

Before I left for Texas, I was asked by a loved one (a Northeast born and bred loved one, of course) a typically direct question: “what’s up with you and this Texas thing?” It startled me, because like most Texans, I never felt that I left the “Texas thing” behind when I left home for school, work, travel, life lessons beyond the Lone Star State. It has always been there.   But of late the “Texas thing” seems to be seeping out of my pores and into my writing – fiction, nonfiction, essaying, blogging – like the residue of some debauch. The hangover from the first (more than) half of an average lifespan?  The hallmark of the time of life when memories invade and mesh with day-to-day life to the point where one doesn’t know where one begins and the other ends?  These are the questions that margaritas inspire.  More to come …


Pinterest is NOT a Waste of Time!


Jeff Goldblum’s character in the Big Chill was right about rationalizations – and here’s a juicy one.  Pinterest is NOT a waste of time!  The TexPat is an avid pinner – pursuing a maximal approach (in true Texan fashion) as opposed to carefully curating a perfect collection of pins.  I pin everything that interests my eye as I plow through emails, blogs, articles and online research.  The rationalization?  As a writer Pinterest opens my mind and imagination; as a human being it connects me to people, places and sensory experiences outside of my suburban NYC cocoon.  Pinterest is not just an escapist pastime to avoid the real world and real work.  It has become my virtual visual library.  My fiction and much of my nonfiction writing centers around my home state of Texas, and Pinterest takes me home when my life and budget don’t permit a visit.  And it makes me happy – no small thing.  Hopefully my last rationalization for the week.

Sympathy For the Devil


“So if you meet me, Have some courtesy, Have some sympathy, and some taste…”
From “Sympathy for the Devil,” The Rolling Stones

The TexPatch is an attempt to understand, possibly explain, and at least discuss all things Texan with the rest of y’all. The TexPat is a free-thinking, progressive Texan who has lived in the Northeast for most of her adult life. The TexPat doesn’t have all the answers, just a perspective from experience on both sides of the great divide. Have some sympathy, and some patience, as we experience all the weird, wonderful, awful, hopeful, hopeless and head-scratching stuff seeping out of the Lone Star State. Not to mention the TexPat’s musings on her journey through the world and the world wide web.

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