The Latest From the OC: Coffee, Bike Lanes, BBQ & Pickles

imageimagebbq and pickles

On a tangent today.  Perhaps the number of hours I have spent cleaning closets and scurrying between the DMV and the post office has warped my brain.  In between all of this child-of-a-senior activity, I had a chance to check out Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters (thumbs up) and notice that my neighb is home to an abundance of NYC, Bloomberg-worthy bike lanes!  Big D imitates the NYC!  Laughter and smiles at a notion that could cause me to be shot in the street by an open-carrying fellow Texan that takes the time to think about it in this way.

On another tangent – The TexPat’s overabundance of ‘Cue in my current trip to Dallas has caused me to seriously analyze the combination of BBQ, white bread and pickles that is the hallmark of my home’s culinary offerings.  OK, it’s probably the margaritas that have led to my intense introspection regarding this topic, but that’s just details, details….  Is it the significant German influence in Central Texas that has contributed to the Lone Star State’s mastery of the smoked sausage and reliance on the pickle as an accessory to every meal involving BBQ?   And is it our history as a part of Mexico before we were annexed/stolen by the US that adds the jalapeño (pickled is preferred) to that menu?  The mind reels.

The TexPatch’s trips to Texas are always too short.  And they cause my mind to whirl in so many directions that it takes a while to articulate my thoughts and impressions.  The puppy, as usual, is enjoying the visit, though she’s not a huge fan of the heat.  But her cuteness and easygoing temperament  earn her lots of pats and treats from strangers, which she enjoys immensely (in addition to bbq bones, though she really shouldn’t have them).