And I’m Back!

image Image via Purple Clover

No, the TexPat was not kidnapped.  The TexPatch has been on hiatus due to the TexPat’s inability to figure out how to correct a technical glitch that kept shutting down the site. Thanks to the good and patient folks at WordPress & our web host, who walked the TexPat through a five minute fix that would have saved weeks of failed attempts had the TexPat picked up the phone right away.

Good news on the horizon – In the Heart of Texas has found a new home and is slated to be released by She Writes Press later this year. Formal announcement to come. In the meantime, a bit of levity in the midst of the world’s turmoil.  Question – what tv character would you choose to rescue you from a kidnapper?  I struggled between Jack Bauer, Luther and the character Angela Lansbury played on Murder She Wrote.   Now Jack would go to any length to rescue me.  But, Luther …


Then it came to me.  Of course!  Get Christie Love!

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Food for (not so deep) thought.