Grilled Avocado on the mind

580441_554838767862020_794737013_n Image courtesy of Blue Ribbon Restaurants

The TexPat is back from Texas and has a lot on her mind.  While sorting through the gray matter, one less-significant thing the TexPat is pondering is when she will get back to Blue Ribbon Bakery in Greenwich Village for grilled avocado. It’s a special, but they have it often this time of year. Avocados and grilled anything are easy avenues to the heart of a homesick Texan – their combination of the two is both weird and absolutely fantastic.  This may be the TexPat’s NYC summer food obsession in the way that David Chang’s Momofuku rotisserie duck dominated Summer 2013

Will have more substance, not just sustenance, on the TexPatch in short order.